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Malaysia, It's Worth It

After months into the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become painfully clear that many industries in Malaysia have been severely affected by the outbreak. The property sector is no exception. It has taken a hard hit, with consumption sentiment wearying and regional tourism experiencing a noticeable slowdown.

August 1, 2021
At the 'Brim' of Rimbun

Why is Ampang one of the best places for property investment in Malaysia? Come discover why Amphil Corporation decided to build Rimbun along Jalan Ampang Hilir, within the Ampang district.

October 13, 2021
No Place like Ampang

Why it's the Best Place for Property Investment

November 1, 2021
Property Tax – Puzzling for You?

A Must-Have Guide for All Things Tax-ing Are you a local citizen or a foreigner currently residing in Malaysia? Perhaps you’re interested in buying or selling a property? Ever wondered what kind of taxes are needed of you when doing so? Well, look no further as we’ve developed a brief guide to property taxes in Malaysia. So, let's begin with the five taxes we will encounter within the Malaysian property market.

November 8, 2021
A Foreigner’s Complete Guide - Buying a Property in Malaysia

Malaysia welcomes you to find the property of your dreams! No matter where you are from globally, you will find the system here easy to follow because it's often down to what suits you best. Malaysia's property market is well-regulated, with financial and practical oversight of everything from construction to property loans. There are many in-depth regulations to keep you and the industry in check. So, here's everything you need to know, as a foreigner, before buying a house here in Malaysia.

November 29, 2021